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We offer the full range of telecom (fixed line) services for our customers from lines & calls to Data services to telephony systems to full unified communications, even including video conferencing.

As an IT company with our own in-house certified engineers we are able approach your requirements from a service and solutions point of view, delivering a cost effective solution which integrates into your existing IT, giving you the enhancements which benefit your business.

We don’t have a single solution, we take the time to understand your needs, not only of today but of next month and next year. We then can offer you an informed choice of what meets your needs. Often this can require integration into your existing services, perhaps SAGE or other services.



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Lines & Calls

We offer unique tariffs for calls, with options of bundles of minutes. So your business call costs can be bundled into a monthly budgetable amount, similar to mobile phones.  All services are billed and managed in-house. Giving you all the information to help you manage your usage and to ensure that your services are not being abused be staff or outsiders. We only ever use Tier 1 Carriers for our calls and lines. Never ever compromising on call quality or reliability.


Telephony Systems

Our range of telephony systems allow us to provide you with the most appropriate solution, based on Features, Functionality, Resilience and most importantly Budget. So the solution can be Digital, IP, Virtualised or Hosted. We will happily show your options and help you to understand what and why we are recommending a particular solution.

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Data Services

We offer the full range of connections to the Internet as well as Point to Point (Location to location) lines. These include ADSL2+, FTTC, FTTP, Bonded Services, EFM, Leased Lines and MPLS. As aggregators of data services we are  able to provide multiple carriers on a single invoice and agreement. This provides simplified account management, diverse routing and cost management.


Music on Hold Production

Click here to create your personalised music on hold production with us.

On this page you will find all the ideas you will need for your music on hold production. This includes sample scripts and the megamixer, where you can choose your voiceover and music and hear them together.

Music on Hold Production

Want to know more about our Telecom Services?

Call us on 01909 518811 or contact us via email at telecoms@opus-uk.co.uk and see how we can help you.